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Halloween Michael Myers officially licensed merchandise

Michael Audrey Myers (born October 19, 1957), also known as The Shape or The Bogeyman is a serial killer typically portrayed as the embodiment of pure evil and the main antagonist of the Halloween franchise. He is the archenemy of Laurie Strode and Samuel Loomis. 

We've selected our favorite officially licensed Halloween / Michael Myers merchandise for you. 

 Michael Myers Halloween Skateboard Decks Madrid

Madrid x Halloween Skateboard Decks

Madrid Skateboards who to the average person might not be a household name, but we can guarantee you've seen their work. A Madrid board was ridden by Marty McFly in the original Back to the Future movie and even featured in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things in Season 3. These limited edition 40th Anniversary Halloween Michael Myers Skateboard Decks are a must have for the ultimate horror fan. It's not something you see everyday in everyone's collection and yes they're officially licensed, no longer produced and limited stock left. Shop  Skateboard Decks


Halloween Michael Myers enamel pins

Michael Myers Enamel Pins

Put them on your backpack or wear them to Universal Studios on your lanyard this Halloween Horror Nights season. These Michael Myers Halloween enamel pins are the perfect way to add a little horror and classic slasher feel to life. From the classic poster knife to Michael Myers mask tons of enamel pins are in stock and ready to ship. But maybe the classic round buttons are more your style. Shop Enamel Pins


Halloween Michael Myers t-shirts

Halloween T-Shirts

Halloween is everyday for most of us and the Halloween series is a true classic. From the Halloween Safety T-Shirt to the Japanese Inspired Michael Myers shirt there are dozens of Myers shirts to add to your wardrobe and rock that spooky lifestyle year-round. Ohh and how could we forget the Michael Myers "Haddonfield" patch trucker hat.


 Michael Myers Halloween themed indoor rugs creepy co

Rugs for your Crypts

Add some spookiness to your home crypt with these Halloween themed area rugs. Perfect for that man cave or even your entry way the Classic Movie Poster Rug and Michael Myers Slasher Rug will make your horror room stand out from everyone else's.


 Michael Myers Blanket and Plush toy

Speaking of your crypt...

Why not add a cute little Michael Myers Plush to your couch for when you watch those spooky horror films. The classic VHS Tape Blanket and the Curse of Michael Myers Blanket are the perfect thing for those cold nights with your boo.


Halloween Michael Myers horror toys and collectibles nightmare toy fuel

Reaction Figures

From the classic packaging to the style of the figures, these ReAction figures are a blast from the past and what better thing to add to your classic Halloween collection. Featuring Lori Strode and of course the ultimate slasher Michael Myers these figures are a unique and fun nightmare fueled toy. We couldn't forget about the NECA Michael Myers Bobble Head and the ultimate game of chance the Universal Classic Horror Blind Bags, while we're on the topic of collectible toys.


love pain and stitches halloween pumpkin purse trick or treat studios

Halloween  Pumpkin Purse

Based on the Pumpkin, as seen in the opening credits, this is the perfect way to show your love of John Carpenter's Halloween featuring horror legend and icon Michael Myers. This incredible Pumpkin Purse produced by Trick or Treat Studios is made using the highest quality Vegan Leather for excellent durability and designed by Kenny R Avila from Love Pain and Stitches.


 Halloween Michael Myers merchandise jewelry horror fan items

The Ultimate Horror Collector Items

There are those who just have a simple Michael Myers Halloween costume... and there are those who really love Michael Myers and the classic series that John Carpenter created. The officially licensed sterling silver Michael Myers Ring and Classic Clown Necklace are the items for the true fan. Both pieces created by Trick or Treat Studios are beautifully crafted and a must for any Halloween die hard.


movie screen accurate license plates

A Piece of Screen History

Everyone collection has that one thing that makes people say "ohhh whats that?", well this would be that item. These license plates are a screen accurate replica right off the silver screen. The basic Illinois 59H 390 License Plate is produced as seen on the Station Wagon that Michael Myers hijacks after escaping the psychiatric hospital in the 1978 and the less known tribute to John Carpenter's is the gold California NFB 418 License Plate is produced as seen on Marion Crane’s Ford Custom 300 in the 1960 horror film Psycho. 

In Halloween H2O, Jamie Lee Curtis' secretary is played by her real-life mother, Janet Leigh, who played Marion in Hitchcock's' Psycho. In her final scene, music from Psycho plays as Janet's character walks to her car. It's the same car she drove (and Norman Bates sunk) in Psycho and identical licenses plate.


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