Ghost in A Jar from Mortem Manor

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For the first time ever, Post Mortem Horror Bootique is teaming up with Mortem Manor Haunted Attraction and offering certified genuine* poltergeists captured from within the walls of the Manor. Each spirit is unique and bound within the confines of a glass jar for your convenience.

These 100% authentic** ghosts include a certificate with the unique name of your spirit.

Act fast, because these super real and absolute not fictional***. Sales open April the 1st, and supply is extremely limited. First come first serve. 

*We absolutely CANNOT guarantee that this is a poltergeist inside your jar
**Post Mortem Horror Bootique will not be held liable for anything that happens if there genuinely IS a ghost inside your jar
***Ghosts cannot be returned or exchanged. You're stuck with whichever benevolent/malevolent spirit you end up with
**** Jar and ghost may vary!

THEY MAY RETURN - Sign up for updates! 

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