Horrible Kids (Series 6) - Sticker Cards (1 Pack)

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Mark Pingitore, a former Garbage Pail Kids artist, has released his creator-owned horror-themed set, Horrible Kids.  These card packs take everything you love about the 80's collecting cards and mixes them with classic and new horror icons! The parody artwork and names will keep you collecting more and more!

  • Artwork by Mark Pingitore
  • Each Pack comes with:
    • 5 die-cut sticker cards from Series (45 characters, each with an "a" and "b" alias to collect)
    • Vintage style cardstock (die-cut stickers!)
    • Two foil cards per pack
    • Back Art on each card - Checklists, Puzzles and Brain
    • Printed on the classic hard stock
  • One (1) Pack from series 6

horrible kids artwork sticker packs