Mall Santa - Cruddy Christmas Decoration

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Meet Mall Santa! We have all seen a few, smelling of liquor, and packing his chew. He comes to the Mall for his assigned shift, when you promptly jump off of his lap, that's the real gift. A stogie in one hand ready to ash, hey we all have to find clever ways to make cash. I can't say I trust him with a black eye and all, he could have been drinking heavily and had a big fall. Take your picture with him, but make sure that it's quick because you don't want to feel his thick peppermint stick! He's done prison time you can see by the tears, and if you're like me, Mall Santa is one of your fears!

Each Mini Santa Box Contains:

  • Mini Wall Mask: 7 inches (17.79cm)
  • Cruddy Christmas Mall Santa: 18 inches (45.72cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Ready-to-hang retro decor
  • Packaged in a retro-style window box