Scarecrow - Pig Mouth Mover Mask

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If fear was money, you'd really bring home the bacon when rocking this mask! The burlap material has a handmade quality that looks much simpler than it is.

Dangerous-looking charcoal design highlights the contours of the hog's face while the snout and floppy ears are accented with a dirty pink. The mouth moves with yours, allowing you to speak for the pig and feed yourself. A rustic design that's great when paired with farmer's overalls, slasher style coveralls, or your own clothing, you'll love bringing out this piggy mask every spooky season! 

  • Molded plastic mask is covered w/ burlap hood
  • Elastic straps and foam pads inside for comfort and positioning
  • Mask jaw moves as wearer's jaw moves
  • Small mesh-covered eye openings will limit vision