Friday the 13th - Jason Wallet

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Happy birthday Jason Voorhees, it's Friday The 13th!! Not really but you can't have the spooky season without this amazing movie!

Here is some trivia about this storied franchise that some of you might not have known. 1. Did you know that the first Friday The 13th was Kevin Bacon's first film? 2. Did you know that there have been 13 different actors to play Jason Voorhees. 3. Did you know that if you have an irrational fear of an unlucky date, that you suffer from Friggatriskaidekaphobia.... yeah.. we looked it up. It's a real thing. LOL

We can assure you that no one was maimed or murdered in the production of this vegan leather wallet. It includes printed, interior lining and metal plaque details.

  • Officially Licensed 
  • Size: W: 8" X H: 4"
  • Made by Loungefly

Friday the 13th Jason Mask loungefly

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