Ghostface Mask Ornament

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The ICON of Halloween® known as Ghost Face around the world was created by Alan Geller who worked with a Chinese sculptor by the name of Mr. Fok in 1991. The mask was discovered inside of an old house by Marianne Maddalena who brought it to Wes Craven. Merchandising rights between Miramax/Dimension began with Fun World’s Alan Geller, Stanley Geller and R.J. Torbert. It was here at these meetings that Torbert wanted to give the name “just in case” the movie was a success. He came up with Ghost Face® and had it trademarked as well as The ICON of Halloween® which was originally referenced by The New York Times in 1997. The legendary mask continues to make history.

  • Officially Licensed 
  • Size:  1.75 × 3 × 2.75 in
  • Collectors Box Included

Ghost Face is a registered trademark of Fun World Div., Easter Unlimited, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 

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