Goblin Gourd Mini Monster

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Filled with mischief, just what's in this pumpkin's pipe? He has a grin that just doesn't look right! The checkered suit is just too much with the black bow tie, I think he may be stoned, look into his eyes! One thing's for sure, he's a stylish guy. I think he has the munchies and wants some pumpkin pie! This 1960's inspired Goblin Gourd Mini Monster contains a 7" tall vac-tastic plastic mini wall decor mask and an 18" fully jointed retro figure, both packaged in a fabulous, displayable window box reminiscent of vintage Halloween costumes. Collect them all!

Each Mini Monster Box Contains:

  • 7" Tall Ready-to-Hang Vac-tastic Plastic Mini Wall Decor Mask
  • 18" Tall Ready-to-Hang Jointed Retro Figure. Each dressed in costume and ready to decorate any wall, window or door.
  • As always comes packaged in an amazing Retro Window Box designed to display your monsters in or out of the box.

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