Goosebumps - Dead House VHS Throw Blanket

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Let’s rewind to simpler times.

Showcasing the very first Goosebumps® story “Welcome to Dead House” (and a few other familiar favorites), this cozy VHS blanket harkens back to the popcorn-munching days of video rentals and late night scares. Unwind with a monstrous movie marathon, or decorate your bed or couch with some nostalgic goodness. Just don’t neglect those late fees...

  • Officially Licensed
  • Size: 60" x 44"
  • "Minky" finish fleece material: ultra-soft, super luxe
  • "lifted bubble" back lining: "shadow gray" color
  • Double-paneled for extra coziness!
  • Machine wash cold separately (hand wash always recommended)
  • Line dry or tumble dry low (no high heat!)

    goosebumps throw blanket