Krampus - Cruddy Christmas Decoration

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Krampus knows who has been good and been bad, if you are on his naughty list, you'll be made sad. He's got chains and hooves, he does a devilish dance, he's nothing like a reindeer that enjoys a good prance. His teeth are sharp his tongue strikes from a distance, you better be good, and that's just a for instance. He's broken out from the cellar of hell with many goat-like ways, he's the perfect addition to all holidays.

Each Mini Monster Box Contains:

  • 7" Tall Ready-to-Hang Vac-tastic Plastic Mini Wall Decor Mask
  • 18" Tall Ready-to-Hang Jointed Retro Figure. Each dressed in costume and ready to decorate any wall, window or door.
  • As always comes packaged in an amazing Retro Window Box designed to display your monsters in or out of the box.