Universal Horror - 3D Keychain Blind Bag

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Universal Vault Horror 3D Foam Bag Clip in Blind Bag. The collection features Chucky, Michael Myers, and Jaws. Try to collect them all!

  • Officially Licensed 
  • Approx.  Size 2" tall
  • 3D Foam Plastic Material
  • Watch for the special rare chase figure, too!
  • 11 Possible Figures Keychains:
    • Werewolf (From Werewolf in London)
    • Decomposing Jack Goodman (From Werewolf in London)
    • Michael Myers
    • Laurie Strode
    • Bruce (JAWS)
    • They Live Color Alien
    • Clean Chucky
    • Evil Chucky
    • Tiffany Valentine
    • Shaun from Shawn of the Dead
    • Chaser - JAWS Poster Cover
  • You will receive 1 (one) randomly selected blind bag.

    THIS IS A BLIND BOX. All boxes are factory sealed and items packed inside are not inspected. We cannot guarantee the packaging condition of the individual items packed within the box. We do not accept returns and cannot guarantee any figures.