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Hold onto your butts! A hurricane is closing in and the Park is in danger. In this The Game of Life Jurassic Park Edition board game, players race around Isla Nublar, collecting Dinosaur Eggs and rescuing Park Rangers as the storm advances and dinos escape! Jurassic Park fans will love the nostalgic nod to the film with blockbuster-inspired twists and turns. Move around the island and draw from interactive cards featuring quotes, characters, and iconic objects from the original film.

Be careful! Hungry dinos lurk everywhere! Played in 15 rounds, players have 2 ways to escape the island. Who will play it safe and who will risk it all to save more Eggs and Rangers? Escape the island and get 1 point for every Egg token collected and 3 points for every Ranger in the SUV. The player with the most points wins. This family board game is for ages 8 and up, and it's a fun choice for a family game night.


  • Includes Gameboard 
  • Storm Tracker token, spinner (dial, base, pointer, cardboard insert), 4 miniature SUVs, 36 Ranger pegs, 60 Dinosaur Egg tokens, 69 cards (30 Event, 15 Item, 15 Skill, 4 SUV, 5 Reference), 3 Dinosaur tokens (1 Raptor, 1 T-Rex, 1 Dilophosaurus.)
  • For two to four players

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