ghostbusters ecto 2 plate

Ghostbusters - ECTO-2 Plate

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The white New York ECTO 2 License Plate is produced as seen on the ’59 Cadillac Ambulance very briefly in the 1989 movie Ghostbusters 2. Ecto-1a was originally scripted as Ecto-2, and only one reference remains in the movie. When Dr. Venkman is standing outside of his apartment and the car pulls up, the phrase ‘ECTO 2’ is visible on the license plate. We are happy to produce this plate because we know it will end up in the hands of the world’s biggest Ghostbusters enthusiasts who will appreciate its uniqueness!

  • Standard USA plate dimensions (12" x 6")
  • Screen accurate plate / exact replica
  • Metal stamped / embossed aluminum
  • Shrink-wrapped
  • New York license plate style and colors (White, Blue, & Red)