WB Thrills and Chills - Blind Bag

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That chill down your spine? It's signaling the arrival of new WB Horror-themed figural bag clips. Assortment includes characters from Gremlins, Corpse Bride, Goonies & more, including 2 mystery styles. Which will you get? It's a surprise!

  • Officially Licensed 
  • Approx.  Size 2" tall
  • Watch for the  two special rare chase figure, too!
  • 11 Figures Keychains:
    • Pirate Sloth (Goonies)
    • Chunk doing "Truffle Shuffle" (Goonies)
    • Goonies Skeleton Key
    • Scared Gizmo
    • Poker playing Gremlin
    • Victor (Corpse Bride)
    • Corpse Bride
    • Scraps (Corpse Bride)
    • Beetlejuice Gravestone
    • Melting Gremlin Chaser
    • Corpse Bride with Maggot in Eye and Holding Eyeball Chaser
  • You will receive 1 (one) randomly selected blind bag.

    THIS IS A BLIND BAG. All boxes are factory sealed and items packed inside are not inspected. We cannot guarantee the packaging condition of the individual items packed within the box. We do not accept returns and cannot guarantee any figures.

    Surprise! Surprise! This very special item might have limited variants randomly inserted throughout the production run. If extra lucky, you could potentially receive one of these highly sought-after ultra-rare collectibles when you order this item! Please note that we cannot accept requests for specific variants upon ordering, nor can we accept returns of opened items. And the item you receive may be slightly different from the standard edition pictured. Some attached images may include a picture of the prized variant.