necronomicon enamel pin

Evil Dead 2 - Necronomicon (Enamel Pin)

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Unlock the dark and mystical world of the Evil Dead 2 with our Necronomicon Enamel Pin. Inspired by the iconic book of the dead, this pin captures the essence of ancient evil in a compact and stylish design. Measuring 1.75" tall, it showcases intricate details in full color, making it a captivating accessory for your shirt, jacket, or backpack. With its double back clutches, it securely fastens to your chosen item, ensuring it stays in place wherever you go. Embrace the supernatural allure of Evil Dead 2 and let the Necronomicon pin be your personal talisman of horror and intrigue.

  • Officially Licensed 
  • Collectible Pin Back Card 

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necronomicon enamel pin